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We're a goofy bunch of kids that delivers high-quality comedy to Columbia's campus, New York City,

and beyond.


Founded by four Barnard College students in 2013, Third Wheel Improv has been a staple of Columbia University's comedy scene ever since. Third Wheel performs both long-form and short-form improv, and performs 5-10 times each semester at venues on- and off-campus. Each fall, they host the Spare Tires Improv Festival, a two-day improv festival held over two nights in the Lerner Black Box Theater. Groups from Columbia/Barnard and other universities are invited to perform and participate in a workshop with a professional improviser (past groups from other universities have included Harvard's Immediate Gratification Players, Princeton's Quipfire!, and the Georgetown Improv Association). Defined by the principle of inclusivity, Third Wheel hosts a weekly open rehearsal affectionately dubbed "Rehearsal Squad," welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to try their hand at improv in a safe and judgment-free space with other members of the group (known as "Wheels"). Auditions are held at the beginning of the academic year. Membership is open to all undergraduate students at Columbia University.


If you believe in yourself, you, too, can be a Third Wheel.

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