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What's Rehearsal Squad? Read on, aspiring 'prover, read on.

Looking for a great way to de-stress? Want to hone your comedic skills and meet some pals? See one of our shows and think "eh, I could do better"?

Whether you answered yes or no to any of these questions, come to Rehearsal Squad for your weekly dosage of improv! Rehearsal Squad (or "RS" for short) is a weekly open rehearsal Third Wheel hosts to give everyone, regardless of improv experience, the opportunity to do some improv in a goof-filled and fear-free space. We welcome ALL comedic skill levels and offer a fun, no-pressure, supportive environment. Bring yourself, your roommate, your parents, and your worst enemy for a great time.


Rehearsal Squad is part of our promise to make campus improv fun, free, and accessible to the Columbia/Barnard community, and it's also what makes Third Wheel unique among the campus improv scene - we're the only on-campus improv group that hosts open rehearsals. Wheels believe in inclusivity, and practicing improv is something we think should be open to everyone who's willing to give it their best shot. So if you're new to improv and want to give it a try, or you've done it before and just want to dust off the ol' "yes, and" chops, come and 'prov with us. We'll be there whether you like it or not.

To stay up-to-date on times and locations for Rehearsal Squad, follow us on Facebook and be on the lookout for our dedicated RS event.

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